Geoffrey Dyson:


Geoff is the owner of Tech Electrical Crane Services. Originally from England his training included Mechanical fitting, Machining, Welding, Electrical and Electronics. He joined Hansa / Handsa cranes in 1976.  As the P & H Harnischfeger West Coast distributor a lot of work was done in the Mining and Timber processing industry. With the breakthrough of PLC’s Tech Electrical was born. Designing control systems for many types of industry. In 1993 he became service manager for part of the Kone / Kaverit group developing regular servicing and equipment training for companies in B.C. Moving to Vancouver Island the development of Tech Electrical Services turned to contract Crane services which very quickly established firm footings in the west coast paper industry.

 Layne Dyson:

Layne joined the company in January 2013.  Since completing his electrical Red Seal in June 2018, he has taken on a much bigger role in the field. With over 12000 hours of crane experience, Layne now oversees a vast majority of annual crane/hoist inspections for over 350 lifting devices. He also conducts our annual rigging inspection and recertification program.  Layne  is well versed in the likes of various manufacturer names such as Demag, Shawbox, Budgit, CM, Kone, Asea, Mizia, Munck to name a few.

Lucas Colvin:

Lucas is our 3rd apprentice and has been with us since May 2018. He is going into his second year electrical session and collecting his ongoing crane hours. Working with Layne, he is following all of the safety and required codes around lifting devices and inspection requirements

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